PSS: a week to dye for

TWO TEAMS SQUARE OFF against each other in a friendly game of softball at Robison field. Purple is up to bat while green team holds the outfield. The event was held on Wednesday, October 23 beginning at 2 pm. It was part of a series of events put on by the greek community during the inaugural Greek Week. In true greek fashion, the event also served a dual purpose as a charitable event—participants had to bring in canned food, which would later be donated to a food shelter. The purple team, consisting of members from several different fraternities and sororities, won the event.

On the Monday prior to the event, brothers and sisters dyed their shirts to match their respective team’s colors before the game. In the second photo in our printed edition, Charlie Khacian ’16 dyes his shirt green as he prepares to represent FIJI in the match. The tie-dyeing was hosted by Rensselaer Society of Engineers and took place at its fraternity residence.