Editor’s Corner

Pub is a friendly space

Scattered throughout the RPI campus are many places students can congregate to hold meetings, study, socialize, and kill time before their next class. Something some students might not know, however, is that there is a place you can do all of that and consume alcohol, legally. Located in the third floor of the Rensselaer Union, the Clubhouse Pub is a Union-run organization that caters to the student population. Back in the 1980s, students petitioned the Union for a place on campus that would allow of-age students to drink in a safe, conveniently-located environment. After it was approved, the Class of 1990 made it possible by making the Pub their class gift to the student body.

Now that the history lesson is over, here’s why the Pub is important: it provides a place for students to drink, get work done, grab dinner, and socialize without having to worry about transportation. The Pub is different than most bars in that it is entirely student-staffed and managed by the Union. Because of this, it caters very much based on student feedback. Beers, food choices, and special events are all based on student feedback and requests. For each weeknight, the Pub also features a special theme. On Mondays, there are 50-cent wings and specials on Guinness drinks. Tuesdays bring the popular trivia event, which is followed by Mug Night on Wednesdays, which allows the patron to purchase and decorate a plastic mug and get it filled for cheap. Thursday night brings Wine Night. The hosts of the event educate patrons on the wine of the night, and then everyone imbibes and hopefully it enjoys while eating some cheese and crackers. The main purpose of this night is to expose students to the often-times obscure world of wine, many of whom may not have had much exposure to wine in their lives. Wine Night is the most recent event to be added to the line-up. Friday is the most popular day, and features discounts on drinks and free food for customers who have purchased a drink. The food for this event ranges between wings and poppers, pizza, chili, grilled cheeses, and more.

Currently, the Pub has a great line-up of beers, wines, and food choices. The Pub boasts a variety of choices on tap. It has Angry Orchard, a popular cider, and Killian’s and Yuengling, both of which are $2 a pint on Wednesdays. In keeping with the season, there is Newcastle Werewolf, Sam Adams Octoberfest, and UFO Pumpkin, by Harpoon Brewery. Rounding out the selection is Ommegang Rare Vos and the classic Guinness.

All in all, the Clubhouse Pub is a great service that RPI offers its student population that is conveniently located on campus. It is student-run and student-patronized, so everyone should feel welcome there. It is also an at-cost operation, which helps to keep costs down for students.