PU: Dress up for Halloween, carve a pumpkin

Executive Board tours RPI athletic facilities, approves new drum line group

Hello, RPI! I hope that everyone is as excited for Halloween as I am! This week, Circle K is doing their annual Haunted House in the ’87 Gym, which promises to be as spooky as ever. The Residence Student Association also hosted their annual Trick-or-Treating for local children in the Residence Halls. While this week is probably full of tests and homework assignments, I would encourage you to take the time to dress up in a costume, or carve a pumpkin to put on your front step to celebrate this wonderful time of the year.

Saturday was another event-filled day for the Union Executive Board. In order to increase the Executive Board’s understanding of our clubs and organizations, the Board has continued touring key facilities on campus. On Saturday, we toured the Mueller Center to view the state of the floor in the weight room. There will be a proposal coming before the Board this week for new flooring to be installed in the Mueller Center over Winter Break. If the Board votes yes, then in January, our students will have the opportunity to lift on a much safer and more durable floor than ever before. We also looked at the flooring in the Student Activities Resource Room which was damaged during the flooding that occurred this past summer. The Board will soon have a proposal before them to determine whether or not they would like to contribute to this cause in order to upgrade this to a dance-studio-quality floor. If the proposal goes through, then half of the floor will be covered by the Union, and half will hopefully be covered by donating alumni through the weR Gold program.

After visiting the Mueller Center and the Student Activities Resource Room in Academy Hall, the Executive Board took a trip to the East Campus Athletic Village, where Karen Hansen from RPI Athletics was kind enough to give us a tour of both the Houston Field House and the majority of the facilities on the hill. It was a great opportunity for the Board to get a better understanding of life as an athlete. Hopefully, this understanding will translate to budgeting, which is very rapidly approaching! We would like to thank RPI Athletics and Hansen for hosting us this weekend.

This past week was another week with a very full agenda for the Executive Board. The Executive Board approved funds for the Table Tennis Club to buy new nets in order to upgrade their tables to a significantly better state. The Board also approved RPIgnite as a Union-recognized club. RPIgnite is a new drum line group interested in bringing their different form of percussion to campus.

Finally, this Friday the Executive Board and many other groups on campus held a retirement party for Mike McDermott, who has loyally served the Union for thirty-five years. His dedication to the Union was truly remarkable, and we all wish him the best with his retirement. The Board also wished Joseph Perchiacca ’13 well in his professional career after having spent almost a decade as a student here. Thank you to both of these inspiring men for their dedication to the Student Union.

If you have any questions or would like to see your organization featured in my weekly article, please feel free to reach out to me at Enjoy the rest of the week, and especially enjoy your Halloween!