Incident blotter: Lacerated knee outside Ricketts, Burdett Avenue ice-throwing incident

Information provided by Public Safety Investigator Terrance Burns

Tuesday, October 8

• On-campus Location

Fire Alarm: Rensselaer County 911 reported a fire alarm. TFD was already at scene. Alarm was caused by malfunctioning smoke detector. System reset by TFD.

• Ricketts Building

Fire Alarm: Alarm activation received for general fire alarm. Alarm was caused by water leak. Pipe shop notified.

• Stacwyck Apartments

Fire Alarm: Alarm activation received. FLS was notified and made aware of ongoing problem in system. FLS rectified situation.

• 15th Street

Suspicious Person: Student walked into DPS office stated that, while walking out of IPAC onto 15th street, unknown subject asked to look at student’s cell phone. Subject was denied and an argument ensued. Both then went to DPS office. Subject was known by TPD and was advised and sent away.
Wednesday, October 9

• Bryckwyck Apartments

Domestic Incident: Caller reported having domestic incident with significant other. TPD took report on incident. ResLife and DOSO were notified. ResLife moved caller to different location.

• Department of Public Safety
Lost & Found: Caller lost wallet, which contained military ID, and filed a report.


Friday, October 11

• Academy Hall

Burglary: Caller found student in caller’s office upon arrival to work. Student accessed office through open window. DOSO did not recommend prosecution. Subject was referred to Counseling Center.

• Ricketts Building

Injury: Subject slipped and fell on outside stairs of building and lacerated right knee. Subject’s professor called in incident and waited for student.

• Academy Hall

Fire Alarm: Alarm activation received. Alarm was caused by cooking smoke. Alarm reset by TFD

• Harkness Athletic Field

Injury: While playing soccer, student injured right big toe. RPIA arrived, treated, and transported student to Samaritan. Medical report filed and DOSO notified.


Sunday, October 13

• Burdett Avenue Residence Hall

Medical: Caller was experiencing abdominal pain, possibly appendix-related. Student transported to Samaritan via TFD. On-call dean notified.

• Burdett Avenue

Injury: Caller stated that, while walking across Burdett Avenue, caller’s friend was struck by piece of ice that was tossed from passing vehicle. Student was struck in abdominal area. Caller declined ambulance but requested officer to respond. TPD and TFD were notified and responded. Subject transported via RPIA to Samaritan. Medical report filed. On-call dean notified.


Monday, October 14

• Polytech Apartments

Fire Alarm: Alarm activation received. Alarm caused by cooking smoke from burnt toast. Alarm reset by TFD

• Troy Building

Automobile Accident: Caller side-swiped water delivery truck near building. Caller spoke to delivery truck driver, who got in touch with boss. Caller stated that damage to water truck was a very minor paint scrape. Damage to RPI’s truck was just a small scrape by control box that lifts gate.

• Lally Building

Larceny: Caller stated that unknown person took caller’s bike from bike rack in front of building. Bike was secured with combination lock. Larceny report filed.