Staff Editorial: The Poly announces new features

The Poly would like to update our readers on several of the changes we have been talking about over the past few issues, as well as some new changes.

First, in response to e-mails we have received, we will be rolling out some new content in the paper, many of which will become regular features.

One of these changes will be making its debut in our sports section of this issue. As per several readers’ suggestions, we will start printing a schedule of the upcoming sports events in each issue of The Poly. Turn to page 11 to see this week’s listing.

Another one of the new features in Sports will be the scoreboard, which will detail the results of RPI’s athletic teams over the past week. Please send all constructive feedback on these features to, as we’d really love to hear what you think about our pages.

In the upcoming weeks, we will be testing a new piece that spotlights a different club each issue. We will be interviewing members, taking photos, and covering events. We are very excited to showcase RPI’s amazing clubs and hope the clubs will get a boost from the increased exposure. If any clubs out there want to be included, send an e-mail to with your club’s name and any other pertinent contact details.

Over in our Ed/Op section, we have been reaching out to several groups on campus to get more content to our readership. As a general rule, The Poly’s coverage of greek life has been lacking in recent semesters. However, we have recently made contact with the Interfraternity Council and hope that with their help, we will improve our coverage of greek life. We plan to also reach out to members of the administration in an attempt to get thoughts from them and provide another avenue of communication between the students and the administration.

Outside of the paper, we are increasing our use of social media so we can better serve the student community. On Twitter, we can be found at @RPIPoly. We will be using this to post when new issues come out as well as any breaking news. Our Facebook page is now being updated with new content and is another way for you to keep up to date on campus news, features, and sports. Our facebook page can be found at Also, keep an eye out for posts from /u/thepolytechnic on RPI’s subreddit. As always, feel free to send all feedback, suggestions, or comments to