R&E releases GM Week 2013 election results

Voter turnout percentage drops from 2012, student government positions see decisive wins

On Saturday, April 13, the Student Senate’s Rules and Elections Committee released the results for this year’s Grand Marshal Week elections. Both having run uncontested, Charles Carletta ’14 and Gretchen Sileo ’14 were elected Grand Marshal and President of the Union, respectively. Overall voter turnout was about average at 48.52 percent of the student body. It was, though, a drop from last year’s 49.8 percent voter turnout.

While voter turnout was below 50 percent, only graduate students and the Class of 2013 exhibited turnout below that number. Only 240 of the 1,196 (20.06 percent) graduate students at RPI voted in the election. This decreased from last year’s 24.81 percent turnout. Additionally, the Class of 2013 had 629 of 1,303 (48.27 percent) students vote. Again, this was a lower turnout from last year, when 53.21 percent of the class voted.

The Classes of 2014, 2015, and 2016, on the other hand, had a majority of students vote. Although the Class of 2014 showed a drop in voter turnout by 9.3 percent, 660 out of 1,202 (54.9 percent) juniors voted in this year’s election. The Class of 2015 saw an increase in turnout by 2.89 percent; this year, 707 of 1,158 (61.05 percent) of sophomores voted. 861 of 1,501 (57.36 percent) freshmen voted in this election.

Students that voted were asked to vote on the Rensselaer Union Constitution amendments proposed by the Union Constitution Committee. The changes included having two voting greek senators and two voting Independent Council senators hold seats on the Senate, changing the way in which a removal of the PU would be handled, changing the way in which a tied election would be dealt with, and lowering the requirements for a GM or PU removal election. The changes were outlined in the March 27, 2013 issue of The Poly. Of the 3,096 students that voted, 2,108 (68.09 percent) of students voted for the changes—enough for the amendments to be passed.

Carletta received 2,554 votes (84.25 percent) for the position of GM, while write-in candidates received 13.24 percent of the vote. Sileo received 2,650 (85.59 percent) votes, with write-ins only receiving 10.11 percent of the vote.

All four positions for the Class of 2013 were uncontested. Brian Nock was voted in as Alumni President; Stephen Nock was voted in as Alumni Vice President; Kenley Cheung was voted in as Alumni Secretary; and William Schmitt was voted in as Alumni Treasurer.

For the Class of 2014, Michelle Lamberta ran for President uncontested and received 75.61 percent of the vote. Lauren Laing beat Hailee Pelland by 96 votes to become Vice President. Erin McAllister was the only member of the junior class to run for senator and received 533 votes. However, Gary Krivo, Josh Plitnick, and Roland Judd each received six votes—enough to be written in as senators. Similarly, Elizabeth Postel was the only junior to run for Class Council representative and received 496 votes. Vicki Lam, Lincoln Noggle, Caitlin Blackburn, Katie O’Neil, Krivo, Mackenzie Ott, and Olivia Sell were all written in as representatives.

In the Class of 2015 Presidential election, Brandon Win beat Wendy Wang by 36 votes and Alexander Vitovitch by 213 votes. Ryan Fitzgerald beat Haley Bryk by 44 votes for the position of Vice President. Max Doyle, Christina Gilliland, Kyle Keraga, and Gregory Niguidula were all voted in as senators. Emily Frantz, Melissa Hanson, Emiley Tou, and Dibyendu Guha were voted in as Class of 2015 Class Council representatives. Adam Koehr, Jensen Tasker, Jacob Derechin, and Trevor Phillippi were also written in as representatives. Alexander Vitovitch, Timothy Breen, and Frank Abissi were elected to be representatives of the Independent Council.

Joshua Schramm beat Soraya Fouldi by 105 votes to become the Class of 2016 President. Kelly Dearborn beat Frankie LoPinto by 128 votes to win the race for Vice President. Michael Han, Marcus Flowers, Shoshana Rubinstein, and Donna Li were voted in as senators for the freshman class. Shamus Wheeler, Katie Cummins, Maggie Murphy, Sarah Bogdan, Emily Essig, Robert Whiting, Rachel Mannella, Nina Padavil were elected to be Class Council representatives. Taha Mehdi and Nathan James were also elected as members of the Independent Council.

Jen Kile, Xin Shen, Peter Muller, Kristen Lee, and Mike Caiola were elected to be graduate senators. Robyn Marquis, Nick Thompson, Mark Woods, Kile, and Shen were voted in as graduate representatives. Timothy Krentz was the only graduate student to be elected to the Independent Council.

Over the next weeks, Carletta will organize the elected senators and select chairs for the Senate’s committees. He will then begin holding general body meetings during which students can ask senators questions. Sileo will also begin selecting members of the student body to sit on the Rensselaer Union Executive Board. For more information about the two governing bodies, contact Carletta via e-mail at gm@rpi.edu and Sileo at pu@rpi.edu.