Paesan’s provides palate-pleasing menu

Combination pizza place, Italian restaurant comes to College Suites

Occupying the corner space of the lowest floor of the College Suites at City Station, Paesan’s Pizza fills in the great Troy pizza gap created by the distance between I Love NY Pizza and Big Apple Pizza. If you so happen to find yourself stuck at College Suites at City Station past the time the shuttles are running, it is a great place to stop and grab a quick slice of pizza.

An awkward mix of pizza and Italian restaurant, Paesan’s is the kind of place where, after you order, you are unsure of whether the food will brought to you or if your order will be yelled out for you to retrieve when it is ready. One of seven locations and owned by the Scavio family, it sits somewhere between family owned and large restaurant chain with aspects from both worlds occupying the space. Featuring clean, Italian-styled décor and a friendly staff, the restaurant is quite welcoming. However, it does have a level of cheesiness that exists inherently within any Italian pizza restaurant chain.

The food is good. As a relatively picky pizza eater—an aversion to pork meats and most vegetables make ordering pizza with friends a delicate experience—I grabbed a friend and Paesan’s frequenter Kaori Bigler ’14 to join me in my first Paesan’s excursion. I ordered a chicken roll whilst she ordered a slice of barbeque chicken pizza.

Honestly, the food in the display case looked a little sad. As if it had been sitting out for quite some time, the pizza resembled a typical college student’s Saturday breakfast. However, a quick trip to the oven (as is typical with all pizza by the slice establishments) refreshed the food to a sparkling-like-new quality. I was pleased with my order, as was Bigler, although she would recommend a sub over the pizza slice.

“Pizza, subs, pastas, dinner wings, calzones, and appetizers,” says Lorenzo Scavio, one of the owners of Paesan’s. The menu is extensive and affordable. Our combined total amounted to roughly $8.

I can’t say that I would recommend Paesan’s for its pizza; however, I do commend the establishment for its cleanliness and use of fresh ingredients. When asked what makes Paesan’s better than the other pizza places in Troy, Scavio said, “All I can say is that my stores use the best quality ingredients, we strive to have the best service, and most of all, our places are always spotless.” If you are in the area and looking for a quick bite, head to Paesan’s. They are friendly, clean, and will get you fed and on your way!