Campus dining follow-up: Lally Galley proves decent

Over the last two weeks, The Polytechnic published a review of mine of all of the dining options on campus, from my personal point of view. In response to said review, I got several complaints in person and a couple of concerned e-mails. I hope that a response to the latter, including a review after I went down there to eat breakfast today, will not be taken with such intense vitriol. First, I will address a couple of non-Lally-related points that have come up since I wrote my article. To begin, Blitman Residence Commons. I wasn’t completely clear on the cleanliness problems I brought up; several times when myself and others have gone there, there have been a lot of pile-ups of used cups, dishes, and silverware on the tables due to the place being understaffed. I can certainly sympathize with that, having worked at Blitman a couple of times. Also, Evelyn’s. I heard after I had made my review that Evelyn’s was cheaper than I had remembered from previous experience. It is possible to get a perfectly fine meal for $10–12.

Onto the Lally Galley. When I wrote the review, it was impossible to stop by the Lally Galley before printing, given its hours. I also hadn’t even heard of the place besides in passing at work prior to my research in constructing the review. My major, mathematics, gives me no reason to ever enter the Pittsburgh Building. I heard “in the Lally School of Business and Management” and assumed it was somewhere in the Lally Building. After exploring the entire Lally Building and not seeing anything, I looked up the school of Business and Management to find out that it was located in the Pittsburgh Building. I then went into the Pittsburgh Building, found the elevator, then went down to the first floor and started making my way up. After getting totally lost, I managed to make my way up to the fourth floor and found the closed place. From a thorough and not completely untrained scan of the closed cafe, descriptions from online and from as many people as I could find that had been there before, I wrote what I had heard of the place. I was not intending to be offensive or dismissive in my review, beyond feeling that the Lally Galley was almost certainly not worth walking down there for students that did not have classes in the Pittsburgh Building. That said, primarily for the sake of interest, and conveniently filling in on the essential blank in my previous review, I had resolved to stop by the place within this last week.

On Friday, February 15, at 1:20 pm, I came in and the place was closed. This didn’t help my opinion of the place much, but I figured it just closed early for the holiday, which turned out to be the case. I then went by at 10 am today. The Lally Galley is like a smaller Beanery or Jazzman’s variant with slightly less options. The soup, bagels, and coffee are fresh daily, with the other food being similarly package-fresh. As someone who has no other reason to go to the Pittsburgh Building, I wouldn’t go out of my way most of the time for the food, and even if I was in the area (after a class in Walker Laboratory or Carnegie Hall), I would probably suggest the Beanery instead, purely for options. However, if I was in the Pittsburgh Building or West Hall specifically on a regular basis, I’d probably go into the Lally Galley for breakfast or lunch every once in a while. Marion, who works at the Lally Galley, is quite jovial, especially once you get her into a conversation or get to know her. I’d suppose she, like anyone in that position would be, is probably a little brusque when the Galley is busy, which would probably explain the appearance of being grumpy. All in all, the Lally Galley is a decent place to eat.