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Senate in discussions about CDTA 286

Hello RPI! I hope everyone enjoyed the exciting weekend during the school’s most spirited festivities. This Friday was the 2nd Annual Rensselaer Spirit Day—waves of red were found on
Twitter and Facebook. The following night was the 37th
Annual Big Red Freakout! The atmosphere was great in the sold-out Houston Field House and the 3-0 shutout against Dartmouth made the night even more exciting. Men’s ice hockey is looking very promising after this weekend, with many more games to go.

The Spring Career Fair, hosted by the Center for Career and
Professional Development, is exactly one week away from today—there are many great companies that are expected to make their way here to recruit students for internships, co-ops, and full time jobs. This is something that everyone should be attending—especially you, freshmen! Getting that first career fair experience out of the way is important. It’s never too late to get your resume looked at, and the CCPD is always available to help with any questions. The CCPD is located on the first floor of the Darrin Communications
Center, but you can also reach them at their website:

In Student Senate news this week, we are currently working closely with Auxiliary, Parking and Transportation Services
Director, Alex da Silva, in looking at CDTA route #286. This route was tailored just for RPI students, which loops around the Field House, Blitman, and also happens to reach our students living in housing around Pawling Ave. This route is under criticism by CDTA as it is the most underutilized route. This route is extremely important to our Greek community, as it not only provids a convenient way to get to campus from fraternity houses, but also provides a means of safe transportation for our students on weekend nights. We are looking into redesigning the route, possibly shortening the route to make it more efficient, adjusting the times that it operates, and a number of other things. If you are interested, please contact Finance, Facilities and Administration Chair,
Frank Abissi at

The Student Senate is looking to approve and finalize the Union Annual Report, and the budget for next year. The Executive
Board and President of the Union,
Jon Stack ’13, have been working hard these past months in getting this done. One notable change to the budget is that intramural sports are now free for all students! The only exception to this is intramural ice hockey, as that is a much more expensive sport due to ice time fees.

Student Senate committees are always looking for people to lend a hand. This week, I am inviting everyone to help out with the
Academic Affairs Committee, as it is understaffed relative to the number of ideas for projects that are coming out from it. Please email Christine Schoenen at if you are interested. There are some really great projects you will be able to help with!

Lastly, a shout out to the Class of 2014! Class rings are being sold next week, and it is the last time you can get them before the ring premiere deadline! Don’t miss this, because the ring premiere is a great dinner that you will be invited to for free if you get your class ring next week. Ring sales will be in the Union 15th Street lobby on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. You can order rings online as well at

Have a great week everyone!