RPI alumni contend, go far for SnagMobile in contest

On Monday, January 14, Startup Labs announced the five finalists for its first business competition in the United States. Among the top five teams was SnagMobile LLC, a startup run by four RPI alumni and a current senior.

The SnagMobile website defines the startup as “a suite of affordable software apps that brings your menu directly to your customer’s phone. With SnagMobile, your guests can use their smart phones to order food, drinks, and anything else you’d like to add to your digital menu.” Basically, customers could order from a distance and then either stop by a specified location for pick-up or wait for a delivery.

On Friday, December 21, Startup Labs cut the original 97 applicants to 30. Of those 30, only one—College Ave—was not based in the state of New York. Startup Labs also announced that there was $350,000 on the line. The five finalists received $30,000 in seed money. The winner will receive an additional $150,000 in seed money, as well as $50,000 which will go toward the multitude of legal fees involved in starting a business.

Other than SnagMobile, Full Circle Feed, Pretty Padded Room, Rosie, and Yorango Inc. moved on to the final five teams. All five finalists are based in New York.

According to Cory Goodenough ’13, SnagMobile’s phone application could be applied to sports stadiums, hotels, golf courses, and restaurants. At stadiums, he explained, fans could order concessions, which would then either be picked up at the concessions window or be delivered straight to the fan’s seat. For hotels, the app would be used to improve the facility’s room service. At golf courses, golfers could order a drink from the course, and then pick it up at the clubhouse. Restaurants, as with stadiums, would utilize the app by giving customers more ways to order their food.

The business competition ends on Thursday, February 7. Each startup company will be required to present their product in front of a row of panelists. This will all occur in Syracuse. The winner will be announced at the end of the day.

The alumni involved with SnagMobile include Chief Operating Officer Daniel Cody ’11, Chief Executive Officer Peter Yeager ’11, Chief Technical Officer Jim Connell ’11, and Chief Sales Officer James Queen ’11. The app is currently available via SnagMobile’s website at http://info.snagmobile.com/.

For more information about SnagMobile, students, faculty, and staff can visit the company’s website or contact Goodenough at cory@snagmobile.com.