E-Board agenda includes UPAC, RPI Players

Committee moves forward with UAR detailing Union budgets, setting activity fees

Hello all! First off, I would like to say thanks to everyone who helped in the planning and execution of the “Pack the Union” Spring Activities Fair, which was held last Saturday. Over 90 clubs and student organizations sent representatives to showcase their programs and recruit new members. Also on Saturday,
over 4,800 people (many of whom were students) attended the 36th Annual Big Red Freakout!
at the Houston Field House. It was great to see such great support, and even better that the team kicked the crap out of Dartmouth! If you didn’t get one of the Freakout! gifts and would like one, just let me know; I’ve got a few hats left.

To update everyone on the budgeting process, Senate/Executive Board Liaison Gretchen Sileo ’14 and the rest of the Union Annual Report Committee are putting the finishing touches on the Report and Activity Fee recommendation. These documents will be presented to the Student Senate for its approval during a special Senate meeting next Wednesday February 13 at 8 pm in the Shelnutt Gallery. If you are interested in learning more about the budgeting process, how the Activity Fee gets determined, or what changes we can see for FY 2014, then I encourage you to attend. As always, Student Senate and Union Executive Board meetings are open to the public.

In Executive Board news, last Wednesday marked the beginning of weekly meetings for this semester. The Board approved the funding for upgrades made to the McNeil Room in conjunction with the installation of Concerto screens on the south wall. Afro-Cuban Jazz
Orchestra was given additional funds to support the fringe benefits associated with hiring their instructor this semester. The Engineering Ambassadors were approved as a Union-affiliated organization, while Eighth Wonder was approved as a Union-recognized club. If you would like to get involved with either of these organizations, please contact Elizabeth Herkenham at or Ji Ming Hong at, for more information. Discussion regarding the purchase of a new lighting board for the RPI Playhouse was tabled until this week’s meeting to allow for more information to be acquired about potential new system.

This week, the Executive Board will be speaking with representatives from UPAC Cinema, the Clothes Closet project, the RPI Playhouse, and Lifenets tonight at 8 pm in Union Room 3606. As always, these meetings are open to the public and I encourage you to attend if interested. I will be holding regular office hours this semester on Wednesdays from 6–8 pm. If you have any questions or comments regarding the Union budget or matters for the Executive Board, feel free to stop by or email me at Until next week!