Staff Editorial: Cups for sale, profits to charity

In addition to their annual holiday sale occurring this Wednesday and Thursday, the Rensselaer Union Bookstore will be selling glasses featuring past musical artists in order to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief. There will be two different designs: one will feature musical artists that performed at RPI during the 1960s and another will feature bands from the 1970s. In exchange for the glasses, the Bookstore will accept donations of any amount to the relief effort. This will allow for members of the RPI community to donate however much or little they can afford to, and still be recognized for their contributions with a cool throwback to RPI history. The Poly is pleased to see that the bookstore is providing a way—and an incentive—for people to help out with the hurricane relief efforts. Turn to page 1 for a look at the glasses.

Many have commented on the amazing bands that used to play here—check out past issues of The Poly for our opinions regarding the issue—and whilst these cups may demonstrate what we feel is a decline in the quality of performers we have had at RPI, they ultimately show that the Rensselaer community is dedicated to helping those in need. For those who are interested in the history of concerts that have occurred at RPI, e-mail us at for a listing of all major concerts that have occurred at RPI since the 1960s.

RPI has had a rich history of providing aid after natural disasters such as Hurricane Sandy. RPI Relief was formed after Tropical Storm Irene severely impacted New York’s Capital Region; weekly trips were made out to Schoharie County in order to help those affected by the storm. Much of the damage of Hurricane Sandy has been out of the reach of Rensselaer volunteers, thereby preventing many students from taking any sort of direct action to help those affected by the storm. However, purchasing these “rock and roll mugs” gives students a real chance to help out their community.

Additionally, these glasses provide an increased sense of school spirit. Being able to take pride in RPI is always a good thing, and these glasses serve as a reminder of some cool events that have happened over the past 50 years, from Duke Ellington to The Doors. There are many little-known facts about RPI, and the fact that we used to have many great concerts is one of them. These glasses will help celebrate RPI’s history, raise funds and awareness for Hurricane Sandy victims, and hold tasty beverages.