RPI spirit group starts innovation initiative

Program titled weR Gold encourages clubs

Recently, weR: The Spirit of Rensselaer Society developed an initiative to encourage Rensselaer Union-recognized clubs and organizations to create innovative projects and programs. The initiative, titled “weR Gold” essentially provides clubs with a means to acquire funding to expand their efforts.

WeR was formed over several months during the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012. During this period, RPI’s Red & White Student Organization decided to endeavor to increase student spirit at the Insitute. According to weR’s website, http://wer.rpi.edu/, “weR was founded to embrace the unique characteristics of school spirit at RPI and named to represent the unity of the campus, evoke the relation to the color red and RPI, and provide opportunities for very clever program and collaboration names.” The overarching goal of the organization is to “create stronger alumni.”

According to an e-mail released to each recognized club by Institute Relations Chair Hannah Trasatti ’14, “The basic premise of weR Gold is that selected applicants would be featured on our website, and be able to showcase their idea or project so that alumni and students can give money to support each project.” The Office of Annual Giving and the Office of Alumni Relations have stated they will assist weR by distributing information to alumni. Clubs and organizations vying for grants will also be expected to find donors for their projects.

Applications from student groups are due by December 18. According to their website, the process for deciding which projects receive funding has already been set: “Applications are reviewed and selected by a committee of Rensselaer volunteers. All projects will be ranked by the weR Gold selection committee. Projects are chosen based on their professionalism, innovativeness, social and community impact, commitment, and promotions plan and feasibility. To be considered, projects must be initiated, designed, and carried out by students. Projects cannot be submitted for academic credit.” Decisions regarding the applications will be made by January 31 of next year.

For more information about weR, visit their website. For more information about weR Gold, and to apply for project grants, visit http://wer.rpi.edu/gold/. Details regarding the application process, as well as the online application are available at that website.