Staff Editorial

Staff recommends networking

The 34th semi-Annual National Society of Black Engineers/Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Career Fair has just concluded this weekend. But the career search doesn’t end there! Don’t think that just handing out resumés and talking to some recruiting representative from a certain company is all the work you need to do. Nope, you need to follow up on your initial efforts. Be sure to apply online, keep in mind important deadlines, and attend important information sessions!

Before you send it out anywhere, get that last check on your resumé before you submit it online! Be sure to double check it for grammar, spelling, layout, and accuracy. One great resource for resumé critiques is at the Center for Career and Professional Development. And while you are at it, this would be the time to also get them to look over your cover letter and customize it for each job you are applying for.

If you asked the recruiter for his or her e-mail, keep up with those contacts! Send them a thank you e-mail thanking them for their time, express your interest, and remember to network. Networking is important and can land you a job when you graduate.

When you do get that e-mail/phone call for an interview, don’t forget to do your research on the company before you go in to it. It also doesn’t hurt to brush up on some basic knowledge that the job/internship you are applying for requires you to know. They will likely ask you some technical questions; you don’t want to botch the interview up by appearing to be unprepared and unknowledgeable about your major.

So, the important points are: it’s never too late to send your contacts a thank you letter/e-mail; maintain your contacts because networking is key; and if all else fails, there is also the spring career fair. Also, don’t forget to inquire with your hometown’s local companies; there may be a small business around your home with which you can get an internship. Interning at bigger companies isn’t always the only option. Smaller businesses need employees too, so don’t procrastinate; apply online and e-mail those contacts this week!