Humble Bundle 6 presents quality for cheap

JOHN ROCHARD MISSES his jump and is about to land on a deadly electrified floor while receiving a communication from Skyler. Rochard and Skyler are miners for Skyrig Corporation.

The Humble Indie Bundle 6 came out last Tuesday, September 18th, so as always this reviewer jumped on the opportunity to get an amazing $6 (or thereabouts) deal on five or more indie PC games that the Humble Bundles always are. Today another four games were added, bringing the total to nine games for $6, an amazing deal when most of the games would normally sell for $10 or more on Steam.

Moving on to the games, the first game to immediately catch this reviewer’s eye as one of this reviewer’s favorite games of all time was Rochard. Rochard is a 2D puzzle platformer about a miner named John Rochard, who becomes involved in an intricate plot by his boss to take over the power of an ancient statue. Rochard uses a gravity gun to change jumping height and falling speed, pull objects around the screen, and shoot out both mines and lasers. This reviewer would highly recommend Rochard to anyone who enjoys a good puzzle platformer with an intriguing story and incredibly cool gameplay.

This reviewer then went on to check out Shatter, a slick Breakout variant with several extra physics twists including some unusually shaped game boards and a built-in wind mechanic to allow the player to affect the movement of the ball in the air. Shatter would also certainly be a recommendation as the second awesome game and major reason to buy this bundle.

Dustforce turned out to be a 2D platformer in which the player plays a janitor sweeping up leaves and jumping around like a broom-wielding ninja on crack. Dustforce is certainly a fun game, though, albeit one with a very strange premise.

Torchlight was somewhat mixed for this reviewer. Anyone with memories of Diablo I should immediately spot the massive number of similarities between the two games. Sadly, Diablo did it better. Diablo is not exactly an easy game to match. Though, Torchlight is still good enough that if one really loved Diablo but would rather play a new version of it than replay it, here is that new version.

Vessel is a water-based puzzle platformer in which the player creates, destroys, and manipulates creatures made out of water to progress from one room to the next. Vessel is another great game for the puzzle aficionados, which this reviewer would definitely count as. Vessel is a game that promises lots of fun, although one might have to get over its weird physics. It is quite difficult at times as well.

Space Pirates and Zombies is a spaceship-building strategy game. While this is not exactly this reviewer’s cup of tea, the game has somewhat of a Starcraft feel and is actually decently fun.

Bit.Trip Runner is another 2D platformer in the same vein as Dustforce, but with more of a Robot Unicorn Attack sort of gameplay. For this reviewer, that gets old very quickly, but the attraction is there for some.

Gratuitous Space Battles is somewhere between an RTS and the board game Battleship. Again, not so enthusiastic about it, but it could have appeal for that sort of a gamer.

Wizorb is another Breakout variant, this one with a background story, magic spells, and retro graphics. While not as challenging as Shatter, Wizorb certainly caters to the retro gamers, while providing more than just a simple Breakout clone.

Finally, Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony is a “bullet hell” game. This reviewer, as an avid Touhou player, would say this is a misnomer; Jamestown seems to mostly only get difficult on the bosses and is otherwise a walk in the park, though still a decently entertaining top-down shooter with a mid-retro level of graphics.

All in all, a pretty amazing Humble Indie Bundle 6, and with $135 of games for $6, who can complain?