Editorial Notebooks

Updates reinvigorate game

Minecraft! I have been playing it a lot lately. Now I know what you’re thinking, isn’t that game kind of out of the lime light? Hasn’t it been out for long enough that no one really cares about it anymore? Well, two things.

First and perhaps most importantly, get out of my head; how can I hear your voice; this is scary.

Second, the last few updates to the game have really brought it into a much more accessible and easier social gaming area. The latest update to the game, version 1.3.2, brought with it a few really amazing features, among them the ability to host sort of ad hoc multiplayer LAN servers in your regular single player world. For poor folks like me, this is an excellent way to play with friends without having to find a server online or deal with annoying server moderators and modifications.

I have been playing a lot recently on a locally hosted map with a couple friends, and we have been having a really good time. There have been quite a few fun fights to the death, the destruction, rediscovery, and subsequent re-destruction of all of the TNT in the entire world, and the creation and later burning down of a lot of woolen structures.

We started by just lightly populating a beautiful valley. It turns out that, no judgment, the world seed “buttisafunnyword” with large biomes turned on puts you in a very attractive place. With just a little effort and creativity, I managed to make the valley well lit, and we started digging, building, and messing around from there.

Minecraft for many people is a very single player experience. I can’t speak for everyone obviously, but for a lot of folks, it can be hard to just try and find a server where you won’t be griefed and won’t lose all your work.

This new development has let me have a lot of fun though, especially with the controls built in for light cheats and the ability to change the game mode of each player individually. I have been enjoying the heck out of it. And here is the kicker; you can play it over rpi_802.1x. Just set it so any new players join in adventure mode and no one can grief your place. It’s a great way to keep in contact with friends outside class, especially if you live tediously far from one another across campus, or are too lazy to leave your dorm, which is usually my reason.

Two nights ago, my friends and I all went into creative mode, and spent a half hour in the End covering the entire map in TNT, even going so far as to mine well into the middle of the island and place explosives all throughout. We covered almost the entire End with TNT, and then set it off simultaneously in four different places. It was absolutely amazing, and it caused so much destruction in game that we all had to exit and re-enter the map in order to actually see the extent of the destruction we had caused.

Before this, we did the same to our world, connecting the surface world to a huge chasm in the ground and then setting fire to everything we had built. We had a really good time blowing up everything we had made. This is an amazing way to blow off stress from the first couple weeks, and a great way to have a bit of fun with friends.