Editorial Notebooks

Editor adjusts to off-campus life

My story of moving off-campus doesn’t begin with me, but rather my girlfriend. Moving her in began with several days of sanding, staining, and painting furniture for her room. It may seem like a lot of work just to achieve the perfect look and style, but the result is a room that surpasses what you’d see in a Target flyer.

Moving this furniture to her upstairs bedroom was a bit of a workout, and we decided it was time for a snack. After setting the oven to preheat, we came back five minutes later to a cold oven and the smell of gas. As the kitchen aired out, we googled around for oven instruction manuals, which we followed by the lighting of the oven pilot light using a match taped to the end of a curtain rod. I assure you that the resulting crescent rolls were well worth the trouble.

I arrived at my own apartment late the following evening. Moving in consisted of dumping my belongings into my room and telling myself I would deal with unpacking in the morning (I’m still working on that). It was an early start the next day with the cable technician attempting to install our internet. He requested access to the basement, which is unfortunately kept locked. I’m sure our landlord appreciated the call at 8 am on a Sunday morning. As it turned out, we didn’t need access to the basement after all, but rather the cable needed to be re-run across the street since the existing one had been cut. Many thanks to the technician for finally bringing us the wonders of internet.

My housemates and I soon determined that it was time to go shopping. It’s important to note that we often find ourselves arguing over small details and unimportant technicalities; it was important that we decide beforehand exactly what we needed to purchase, and we did so by creating a shopping list of all necessary items, mostly consisting of kitchen items and food. Upon arriving at the shopping center, the first thing we noticed was that no one had brought the shopping list. Definitely unfortunate, but not very surprising. Thus began the running around, debating, and derping over what we thought should be on the list. Somehow we managed to find almost everything we needed (a very productive three hours), but our prize item of the day was our new Walmart countertop.

We bought this countertop to provide additional working space in our small-sized kitchen, since using the washing machine as a countertop was less than ideal. Construction of our new counter and cabinetry went rather smoothly until we discovered misalignments in the pre-drilled holes. Lacking a drill, we opted to send the screws straight into the wood, which ended up causing only minimal amounts of splintering. We’ve since enjoyed making several home-cooked meals with our expanded kitchen (we have four times the counter space now) and our fresh array of groceries.

Even though I’ve left the campus dorms, the excitements and challenges of living on my own are everywhere, perhaps ever more so than before. This year promises to be a productive period, not only academically, but in my own personal life as well.