Top Hat

GM wishes good luck for end of semester

With this being the last Top Hat I will be writing for this academic year, I do not want to focus on anything Student Senate-related. This past week, the Student Handbook revisions have been a big topic we have been looking at. The discussion with Dean of Students Mark Smith was very productive, and we ended up getting some more time to collaborate on the issue. However, if you would like to learn more about that, please look to the RPI subreddit or other articles in this issue of The Poly.

More importantly, I would like to wish everyone good luck on finals, final projects or presentations, and other things that you may have during these last two weeks. I do want to encourage everyone to fully utilize the Red & White Study Days program at the Alumni House. It’s great to have free food, coffee, and be in a productive study environment. Some class councils are also doing some cool things, so look for those as well.

For those that are done with finals: I hope that you have a great summer and stay safe. Good luck with whatever you may be doing, whether it is an internship, job, or just staying home and relaxing for a couple months. It has been a long year, and having some time off from school and Troy can be refreshing.

And of course, to our beloved seniors: You are now entering the “real world.” You are going to be distinguished alumni of our alma mater. RPI has prepared you for your careers, and I hope that it will lead to successful futures. Whatever you may be pursuing post-graduation, I know you will make our school proud, and I hope that you plan to stay in touch with whatever organizations you were part of, friends, professors, and the Institute as a whole. What you will be receiving in a few weeks is a diploma symbolizing the years of frustration you have experienced over those long nights in the library you spent cramming for tests, those moments of extreme joy in seeing your projects succeed, and the times where you wondered how you were going to get through it all, but somehow it was all going to work out. It also symbolizes the friendships and lifelong relationships you’ve made, the skills you have learned, and the memories that will be with you forever.

So what were your best memories of this last academic year? Reflect on these past two semesters and try to remember all that has happened … we’ve all been through so much, both collectively and individually. This year has flown by, and for many of us, there is still more to come. Start thinking of things that you want to do next year; think of ways you can improve the student experience here for yourself and for your fellow students as well.

If you are interested in being involved in student government, as usual, e-mail me at Have a good summer everyone!