PU explains Executive Board, committees

Hello everyone! My name is Jonathan Stack ’13, and I am the newly elected President of the Union. I would like to first thank everyone who supported me throughout my campaign, and to all of you who went out and voted in the GM Week elections last week. I am deeply honored by the confidence you have shown in me, and I pledge to continue advocating for the student body at large. Now that the elections are over, I am looking to select dedicated students as members of the Rensselaer Union Executive Board for next year.

Are you interested in working with clubs on campus to develop budgets for the upcoming year? Do you want to know where every penny of your Student Activity Fee goes, and work with other students to communicate this to the student body? If so, then please consider applying for the Union Executive Board!

The E-Board is a group composed entirely of students that is responsible for managing all Rensselaer Union finances and interacting with the clubs, programs, and services that operate under the Union. Students on the Board will be assigned to a number of clubs, and will be responsible for working with those clubs to develop budgets, work through proposals, and gain an understanding of how each club functions. During Executive Board budgeting, each student representative will then serve as a liaison between clubs and the rest of the Board, answering questions related to each program and goal of a budget. Ultimately, the goal of the Union Executive Board is to produce a budget that accurately reflects current club operations and activities, and that maximizes the student experience funded by the activity fees.

If instead your interests are more focused, then I invite you to get involved in one of the five Executive Board Committees. The Rensselaer Union Business Operations Committee works with the Bookstore, Sodexo, and other business outlets within the Union to improve current operations and promote student utilization of these spaces. They are currently working on the Bookstore renovations, and the revitalization of Mother’s Wine Emporium. The Union Annual Report Committee works with the Business Administrator to develop the Union Annual Report, a document that communicates every aspect of the upcoming Union budget to students. This committee exists as a joint committee under the Student Senate. The Technology Committee evaluates the Union’s technology infrastructure, and suggests changes to the Union systems administrators. It is also responsible for maintaining the E-Board’s website. The Marketing, Advertising, and Publicity Committee helps to promote student activities, programs, and services funded through the activity fee. Appropriately, they help to coordinate the two club activities fairs held at the beginning of each semester. Finally, the newly formed Club Operations and Policies Committee will focus on the documents and policies that are essential to the continued operation of clubs through the Union. This committee is tasked with the annual review of Union Budgeting Guidelines and Procedures in preparation for the budgeting review process of the Executive Board, and the continued review of club constitutions to create uniformity and compliance under the Union Constitution.

If you are interested in applying for the Executive Board, or in getting involved with a committee, and would like to know more, please contact me at! I would be happy to discuss any of this information further.