Editor reflects on sophomore year

A list of things I ponder as I go to sleep:

5. The semester is nearly over and soon my friends and I are going our separate ways to spend our summer vacation. This past semester has been pretty hectic, there were many club activities that we all had to participate in, crazy classes to get through and get a good grade in, and budding relationships that needed to be solidified before the long break arrives. But don’t work so hard that there is no time left to have fun. I live on the other side of the U.S. and I don’t have a way to spend the summer with my dear roommate and friends I spend most of my waking hours with so I want to spend as much time together before the semester is over, this way when the archies leave for Italy next semester I won’t be as lonely.

4. Helen my melon (and also my dearest roommate), whatever is going to happen to Pikachu when we leave for the summer? I mean, we stole the Pikachu plushie from Wai when he won it at the CASA Formal this year, but that poor thing can’t be orphaned or be transferred between the two of us for the summer either! It is practically our child! Are we going to be like a divorced couple that sends their child (in our case, Pikachu) between them every few weeks? Think of the postage that would accrue to send that thing across the states so many times during the summer! And what happens to it when you leave for Italy with Christina (the archie that you are having the affair with when I’m not around)! Are you eloping with her and leaving me and our child! Or are you taking it with you?

3. I’ve been thinking about the shark that hangs from the ceiling of the Poly production room. There has to be a back story to the shark, right? I mean, it can’t just appear out of thin air. Since I haven’t heard any back story to the shark, I’m going to create one for it:

There lived a friendly shark in the open waters of a gigantic body of water filled with hipster water named Fred located yonder, south of RPI. But one day there was a major drought and Fred dried up, leaving Bruce, our friendly great white shark, washed up on the shores. Fortunately, a Poly staff member was walking nearby and rescued him by bestowing the magic that all Poly members have on the shark, transforms it into a being that can live out of water. Thus, Bruce was turned into the Poly mascot and forever immortalized to hang from the ceiling of our production room.

2. Way back in high school, I was voted as one of the people most likely to dominate the world in those “Most likely to …” yearbook pictures. I’m going out on a limb here and go ahead and take this seriously. Thus, I must work more on my master plan of world domination. I intend to follow through with this, maybe. Who knows, maybe in a couple of years I might have amassed enough wealth to dominate the world.

1. But most importantly of all, I wonder about this the most when I lay awake at night. What’s going to happen next year when all my friends and I don’t live next to each other in residence halls anymore? It’ll be hard to keep in contact and have our meals together. Will we still be the best of friends as we are currently, when we have less interaction next year? I don’t know, and I’m afraid to find out, since we have all grown so close this year. Only time will tell; I’m only worrying unnecessarily about things that have yet to come.