Staff Editorial: Remain safe, vigilant of personal possessions

It’s been a while, and we hope that you all had a restful, relaxing Spring Break and that you’re ready to go heading into final weeks. The weather’s warmer, the skies are bluer, but don’t lose sight of all the reasons that you’re here.

Now that we’re all back on campus, The Poly would like to remind all of you to stay safe while you’re at RPI, as well as anywhere else. The week before Spring Break saw laptop thefts that occured on 15th Street, an echo of the RAHPs break-ins during the winter. We want to remind everyone to remember to lock their doors and windows when they are out, and to be aware of your surroundings when heading back to whatever place of residence you call home.

It’s not just about staying safe in your home, though. There have been cases in the past years where unattended laptops have been stolen in Russell Sage Dining Hall, as well as other personal items from other public locations on campus. We’re not trying to promote paranoia regarding bringing your belongings to campus, but don’t scoff at taking the extra few seconds to put your laptop in your bag or use that security cable even if you have to leave for “just a minute.” That little extra safety makes a difference.

Safety isn’t restricted to your belongings, either. The recent incident on campus where a hidden camera was found in the women’s swim team locker room on campus is a solemn reminder that everyone should look out for their personal safety. If you see or hear something suspicious, don’t be afraid to bring it to the attention of your RA/RD, to public safety, or to building staff.

Don’t be afraid to trust your surroundings, but remember, this is also part of the real world. Remember to stay safe over the remaining weeks. But also remember to have fun in the spring weather, and even get some work done too!