Student Life VP creates board to advise on student experience

New board comes after Senate Student Life Committee dissolves

Vice President of Student Life Timothy Sams is currently forming the Student Life Advisory Board. This comes in the wake of the recently disbanded Student Life Committee of the Student Senate.

This disbandment is the result of the Senate’s attempt to streamline, prioritize, and re-organize its efforts, explained Kyle Monahan ’12, senator and former chair of the Student Life Committee. He added that the Senate came to a consensus that the majority of projects it deals with have to deal with student life. Instead of having a committee committed to this purpose, senators “will be focusing their time into smaller, more specified committees,” which will take on the projects the Student Life Committee would have had.

The Advisory Board will cooperate with Sams to provide a student perspective on various initiatives and programs, those which are currently in place and those which will be. By doing this, students on the Board will be able to give feedback that the Office of Student Life would not otherwise receive, explained Robert Sobkowich ’12. “The inaugural Advisory Board will play a large role in shaping the direction and composition of the body moving forward,” he added. An example of initiatives that students could provide feedback on would be the Clustered Learning, Advocacy, and Support for Students initiative.

As Student Life covers a wide array of issues, the Board is expected to deal with topics “ranging from campus housing, student health and wellness, recreation and athletics, and more,” said Sobkowich. For this reason, Sams will choose students based primarily on their activities on campus. This will result, he hopes, in a Board that will reflect as many organizations and interests of the student body as possible. The Board will also be split into two boards: one that represents the interests of undergraduate students, and another that reflects the opinions of graduate students.

Admission to the Board is expected to be “highly competitive,” stated Sobkowich. Students will have the opportunity to directly influence the progression of student life decisions. “As such, applicants should be passionate about improving the student experience at Rensselaer and be ready to provide insights, feedback, and guidance to Dr. Sams and the Division of Student Life,” he added.

All students are encouraged to apply. These applications must be submitted by Monday, February 27 at For more information, students can contact Sobkowich at