Newly appointed VP plans RPI strategies

Joe Medina has been appointed as the new Assistant Vice President for Advancement, Strategy, Services and Infrastructure. Responsible for support work regarding data entry, technology, communication, and research for alumni relations, Medina is eager and excited to work at RPI.

“I could immediately feel the energy” on campus, stated Medina; “People have wonderful things to say … it’s energizing.”

Medina grew up in New York City and attended Colgate University as a math major. He then traveled around the East Coast, moving from Washington D.C. to Boston and eventually landing in the Information Technology department at Colby College, a small liberal arts college in Waterville, Maine. When a position within the advancement department of the college later opened up, Medina went for it, since “it mixed my three passions: technology, interacting with people … and philanthropy.” Coming from a family immersed in higher education—his mother, father, and two sisters are all involved in higher education.

Here at RPI, Medina works to enable communication between the former students and the campus. “Technology has the power to connect alumni with each other remotely and with the Institute as a whole,” said Medina.

Medina and his department also work closely with monetary donors. “Stewardship, or thanking donors for [their] gift” is a significant part of Medina’s responsibility. Rensselaer, like all universities, relies upon fundraising, which makes sure donors are appropriately connected to information regarding RPI.

A large part of Medina’s responsibility is to provide information to those in need of it; whether through thank you letters to donors to the college, or providing the necessary information to Rensselaer websites, Medina’s job is to provide valuable resources to important individuals outside of RPI’s campus.

And Medina is very excited to be working for RPI: there is “ambition for Rensselaer as a whole, and I have that ambition for my position.” The only challenges he has faced so far stem from being on a campus and area much larger than his previous residence of Colby.