New society seeks increase in school spirit

WeR: The Spirit of Rensselaer is a new student group on campus with a purpose that is less than new, but still important. They are a spirit society, made to support and enhance school spirit. By the admission of their president, Brian Nock ’13, their purpose is similar to other student organizations, like Red & White and the Red Army, but according to Nock, their approach toward this purpose will be very different.

Nock, also a member of Red & White, stated that the purpose behind Red & White was less school spirit based and more alumni relation based. Events that attract alumni, like homecoming, are Red & White’s biggest concerns and its members act as ambassadors to the alumni. Nock said that WeR is intended as a sister organization to Red & White, with a similar purpose aimed at a different target. They will work to support the student body and to increase school spirit, similar to the Red Army, but they will work to support the efforts of every club on campus.

According to Nock, WeR does not plan to try and create a “Ra-Ra” type of school spirit, but instead try to focus on enhancing the unique spirit that RPI possesses. Nock mentioned that he felt RPI did not have the school spirit typical of some state universities, but what RPI does have is a very unique culture, as evidenced by our Starcraft team and our a capella groups. What WeR wants to do is enhance that spirit, and support it in whatever ways it can. Nock said that each of RPI’s groups does a good job, but the effort gets lost when many different groups have events that don’t get publicized to the extent where most of the student body is aware of what happens.

Nock also said that he was aware that their goals are parallel to those of other groups, like the Red Army, but that they want only to help and support such groups. They intend to support the Red Army as much as possible. In addition to this support for other clubs and groups, they would like to host events, celebrating things like RPI’s birthday. They would like to bring an unreleased movie to the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center, and perhaps host a cappella concerts. The WeR group has presences on all of the usual places, like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.