Editorial Notebooks

Editor supports family from afar

So! Funny story: I’m now the resident bald dude on staff here at The Poly. Slightly less funny story, it’s for a serious reason. My family is going through a bit of trouble right now, and a big part of it is my grandmother in California and her cancer. I’m shaving my head because I’m a couple thousand miles away, so the best I can do from here is give her the spiritual support of my bald head. I know it’s not a lot, it’s just hair and I didn’t have much to begin with, but it’s what I have and what I can do for her from here.

In many ways, she raised me when I was little, and I love her tremendously. So when she had chemotherapy and lost her hair, I cut mine off too, vowing I will not have hair until she does. She has given me a heck of a lot over the years, as much as if not more than anyone else in my life. I love her dearly, and I would love her dearly even if she hadn’t done all she has over the years for me.

That’s the thing about family; with very few exceptions, they all get the shirt off my back and my last dollar, with maybe a question asked if they have time. This is true for me because I love them, and because they are family. The thing is, like I mentioned a second ago, my grandmother is in California. In addition to that, I’m the staff’s resident Coloradoan, so best case scenario I’m a two day drive, a two day train ride, or a $400-plus flight from home. Last I checked (fairly recently mind you), that’s not exactly something I can do on a whim.

The reason I’m writing this is one: so when you folks see me on campus, you don’t think I’m insane and some sort of Nazi-type, and two: to urge y’all to keep in good contact with your folks back home. I’m not the only one who is a fair distance from home. It’s really easy to be at college, and get wrapped up in our lives out here. It’s really easy to forget your phone in a car, and to leave it on silent for a few days. It’s easy to do homework, go party, read The Poly (hint hint), and all that jazz. It’s hard to remember that your folks back home care about your day to day, and want to hear from you. I know it’s really hard for me sometimes. It’s worth the effort though, because frankly, you’ll never know if someone you love gets cancer, or ends up in the hospital. Just watch How I Met Your Mother; how crappy would it be if that last thing you heard from your folks was that Crocodile Dundee 3 was awesome. I can’t speak for you guys, but I know that’s not what I want.