Letter to the Editor

Higgs thanks Rens. comm.

To The Editor:

As the one-year anniversary of my on-ice incident approaches, I find myself thinking more about what happened that day and how thankful I am for the response and support of so many people around campus. To briefly recap, during a hockey game last December 30 in Alabama, my neck was sliced while we were playing the University of Alabama at Huntsville. One of my teammates was tripped and his skate came up and caught me in the throat, causing a three-inch cut that literally threatened my life. From there my teammate, Alex Angers-Goulet ’12, and our athletic trainer, Chris Thompson, applied constant pressure to keep blood from squirting out. They also kept me as calm as they could until the doctors could get to the training room and the paramedics could get me to the hospital. When we got back to Troy, I continued to receive tremendous support from my teammates and the entire campus community. There were almost too many to remember every one, but I do recall finding a huge fruit and candy basket that was left in my locker. It was sent to me by President Shirley Ann Jackson, and it included a personal note from her. I will always remember her words of encouragement during that tough time. Her support, as well as that of others on campus and throughout the area, helped me and my family more than I can express. What I can say is, I am proud we are all members of the Rensselaer community.

Brock Higgs

BMGT ’14