Editorial Notebook

Lack of FIXX causes student headaches

I have had issues with FIXX in the past. They have always seemed like nice folk when I contacted them, which is completely to their credit given the volume of calls they must receive, but being nice doesn’t make up for the fact that they don’t respond.

Last year, there was a massive hole in the door to my closet and the rails holding my roommate’s closet door in place were bent to near perpendicular to their intended direction. My RA placed a FIXX order at the beginning of the year, assuring us that it would get fixed and we wouldn’t have to worry about it. They never came. Later that year we asked our RA about it again and he said he would send another e-mail. They still never came. Our room was in better repair when we left than when we got there because my roommate bought tools and fixed his closet himself.

This year, the toilet bowl in the bathroom I share with the folks across the hall from me was cracked. The result of it being cracked—and I beg your pardon for this—was that poopy water was leaking out and beginning to form mold all along the bathroom floor, which, because of the toilet, was never, ever dry.

This didn’t seem like that big of a deal for me in the beginning, mostly because in many ways I’m as apathetic as they are capable of making folks these days. Unfortunately my physiology is less apathetic, and I am very allergic to mold—mold in general, and more specifically, a mold that is in dirt (yes, I am an Eagle Scout allergic to dirt). The mold growing on my bathroom’s floor began causing headaches whenever I entered my bathroom to just use the restroom. A two-minute exposure to it was enough to cause me pain.

To try and correct this, I called FIXX to actually come in and figure out what was leaking and take care of it. No response. I called them personally three times, and every time, I was told that it would be taken care of and I was on their list. A week went by with me getting headaches every day and no response from them. I got the people that shared the bathroom with me across the hall and my roommate to call them; still, no dice. They had at least six calls from students, but no one came or did a damn thing.

Finally I let my mom know about all of these shenanigans. She made one call, and the next day two people showed up and figured out what was wrong. They filed a report and two days after that a guy came in and replaced and fixed everything that was wrong with the toilet.

The moral of this story is that FIXX, in my experience, doesn’t listen to students. This may be for genuinely good reasons; lord knows our campus was started in 1824. I’m sure there is a lot that need maintenance all the time. Having said that, I’m paying $760 a month and like $6,800 for the year for a tiny place to live, and the least the Institute could do is not make me call my mom to get my stuff fixed here.