Print remains relevant in technological news world

Unsurprisingly, we at The Poly are pretty avid fans of newspapers. We feel that newspapers are still an important part of our society and contain much valuable information.

Campus newspapers tend to be underrated. In today’s communication age, it is fairly easy to feel inundated by the sheer amount of immediately available content one can come in contact with, from television to print media to blogs and streaming video. But there is something decidedly unique about the campus newspaper, especially in comparison to the local or national one.

First, campus newspapers are intended for a very specific audience, primarily students and other members of the school community, such as faculty and staff. Second, campus newspapers can serve as a link to the community outside the school, featuring local events—after all, being on a college campus does not isolate us from being part of the surrounding area. Third, campus newspapers are usually student-run, serving as a voice independent from the official media publications put out by a college’s PR bureau. They often serve as a secondary form of communication with alumni or parents to keep them updated on current events.

Newspapers are more than just news or entertainment. They offer a medium to feature events or express one’s opinion, all in a professional manner. Campus newspapers hold to the same codes of journalism as any other paper, and intend to objectively present a story as truthfully and thoroughly as possible. However, they are written and edited by students, who are unafraid to be critical when necessary and give praise where praise is due. After all, the campus newspaper is more than just an ideal picture of campus life presented in a pretty booklet. It is current, relevant, and made for you by your peers.

Campus newspapers exist to keep you informed and involved in the world you’re part of for these four years. So don’t be afraid to pick up a paper and find out what’s going on. Keep yourself in the know.