Spirit builds for Big Red Freakout! this weekend

Weekends for me usually involve catching up on homework, e-mails, and trying to get a running start on the coming week. Since this past weekend was longer than normal, I was surprised about how much I had accomplished. I traveled to the Men’s Hockey game at Harvard University (a 5-4 win!), moderated the Society of Women Engineers Quizbowl tournament, and even memorized the digits for 11 factorial (39,916,800). A successful weekend indeed …

Last week, the Student Senate approved the recommendations for the Rensselaer Union Activity Fee for Fiscal Year 2011, in addition to publishing the Union Annual Report 2010. The budgeting process included representatives from the Executive Board and the Student Senate, all duly elected and appointed students. I am supremely confident in the job they have done, but don’t take my word for it—see their work for yourself. You can view the Union Annual Report 2010 at http://annualreport.myrpi.org/, comments can be directed to activity-fee@union.rpi.edu. Please note that the final review is subject to approval by the President and Board of Trustees, so numbers may change.

As always, you can always share comments by visiting me at the Grand Marshal/President of the Union office on the third floor of the Rensselaer Union, via e-mail at gm@rpi.edu, or by commenting through http://twitter.com/rpigm/. Whether it concerns the Union or the student body, I’m always willing to hear about it. The Student Senate is always looking to be as helpful as possible, which is why we have debuted Flagship, a document management system at http://docs.studentsenate.rpi.edu/.

On Saturday, Big Red Freakout! will again take over RPI. Started by GM Michael Feinstein ’77 and on its 33rd year, this is more than just a hockey game. Fans are the real reason why this is an event, it’s a show of both the school spirit and communiversity of RPI, which isn’t something that we see all the time. So, put on all the red clothing you own and make it to the Houston Field House on Saturday—puck drop is at 7 pm, but a true hockey fan shows up early. I expect to see you there and rest assured, you’ll be able to find me; just follow the red top hat.

These past few weeks, a student benchmarking team has been traveling to peer institutions to learn about the residential commons model and other programs of student life that are related to the Clustered Learning Advocacy and Support for Students initiative. The student group includes members of the Student Senate, Interfraternity Council, Panhellenic Association, Residence Life, and RPI TV. Last week they visited Massachusetts Institute of Technology, today they are at Yale University, and next week Middlebury College should be their next stop. I would like to thank the Office of the President for sponsoring this project, and we look forward to sharing our results soon.

It’s going to be another great weekend, especially for hockey, so let’s practice… Go Red! Go White! Go Team! Fight, fight!