Senior spring session filled with activities

For seniors on campus, this semester is a very busy and exciting time. Academics are as important as ever, but time also needs to be allocated to work on that ever-vital notion of life after college. Some will choose to go on to graduate school, either in Troy or elsewhere. Many others will search for jobs, looking to start careers.

Schedules packed with the career fair, interviews, and anticipation while waiting for offers or acceptance into a desired program are clear marks of the culminating year. At the same time, one may well be taking those few courses remaining required for graduation, or the demanding engineering capstone course.

While all of this excitement abounds, the Union continues to provide a plethora of activity. Clubs are active, as always; while winter athletics are still going strong, spring sports are gearing up with practices, preparing for their busy schedules. I urge everybody to interact with your classmates and cheer on your Engineers.

As I have already stated, prioritizing is an essential part to overcoming a seemingly endless list of tasks. If you can keep up with the challenges and focus hardest on what is most important, you should still be quite willing to have a good time while you’re at it.

The Union provides plenty of opportunities to relax, entertain, learn, and enjoy college life through the 190+ clubs it recognizes. Many of these are funded, and, as I discussed last year, the process of budgeting for the next fiscal year, beginning this summer, is well underway.

The Executive Board heard club appeals last week, and the development of an activity fee packet, for approval by the Student Senate, is in the works. While details of next year’s fee are far from finalized, I can say that the good of the student body was kept in mind during the entire budgeting process.

Just as it is important for students to prioritize their commitments when allocating time, it is important for the Executive Board to prioritize the Union commitments when allocating funding. We draw inspiration from the Union’s Constitution, particularly Article III, which discusses the purpose of the Union:

“The purpose of this Union shall be to unite all its members in a commitment to the ideals for which Rensselaer stands, to expand the extracurricular life at Rensselaer, to coordinate all student organizations, to act as a medium through which student opinion may be expressed, and to work with all other members of the Rensselaer community to encourage student initiative and to lead student action in all interests which will serve the welfare and the betterment of Rensselaer.”

This purpose sums up the goals of the E-Board when budgeting very well. I hope that the Union can continuously strive to uphold its purpose and serve students as well as it has for years.

Executive Board business meetings for the spring semester will be starting this week. They are scheduled to be held Thursdays at 8 pm, in the Patroon Room of the Rensselaer Union.

Further, committees will begin meeting again for the semester soon. These committees are the Constitution committee, the Marketing, Advertising, and Publicity Committee, the Budgeting Committee, the Technology Committee, the Business Operations Committee, and the Athletics and Recreation. If you are interested in getting more involved in the Union’s operation this semester, contact me at and I will get you in contact with the appropriate committee chair.