IFC holds meeting

Last week’s Interfraternity Council Meeting on November 11, 2009 provided more information about the transition from the current executive board to the newly elected members. Additionally, the meeting saw the end of elections with the position of vice president of social.

President Jesse Barr ’10 mentioned having talked to the Vice President of Student Life Eddie Knowles about the Greek Commons Agreement. A draft of the agreement will be available for commentary shortly.

Executive Vice President Mike Lind ’10 announced that he was continuing to work on the Transition Process Report. The report will help provide the IFC’s new board members with information and insight into their new positions.

Vice President of Recruitment Demetri Karanikos ’11 reported that he was working on a presentation about this past fall rush. Additionally, Vice President of Social Ryan Koehler ’11 talked about the success of Greek Hockey Night.

Vice President of Philanthropy Ken Hutchison ’11 asked that if houses were interested in running an event with the support of the IFC, they contact him. Additionally, he mentioned that he would meet with houses about next semester.

Vice President of Risk Management Drew Fineberg ’11 announced that the Risk Management Manual had been completed and would be distributed shortly. Also, Vice President of Public Relations Josh Seldin ’11 told the assembly he would be meeting with the school’s media relations representative. He also asked for volunteers for the mailing list in preparation for next year as well as ideas for future Poly articles.

Treasurer Charlie Schiede ’11 gave an update on the IFC’s funds. Additionally, Greek Senator Kevin Vanslyke ’11 announced that President Shirley Ann Jackson spoke at this week’s Student Senate meeting.

Finally, the Vice President of Social was determined after a three-way tie. The Vice President of Social will be Daniel Livchitz ’12.