Attend Town Meeting

Today at 1 pm, President Shirley Ann Jackson will be speaking at the Fall Town Meeting at the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center Concert Hall. Aside from updating the campus about what has been happening at RPI, the event will allow members of the Rensselaer community to ask any questions on their mind. The Poly encourages everyone who can go the forum to attend so they can be both informed about what is going on and can voice their concerns, accordingly.

Previously, town meetings have been held on Mondays and Thursdays, which are days students tend to have many classes. This meeting is being held on a Wednesday, so we hope more students are able to attend. You should certainly be present, even if you do not feel well-informed about campus events or do not have any questions. The issues will be explained, and you will learn so much from attending that it will be like you actually read The Poly.

Issues likely to be covered include the Clustered Living Advocacy and Support for Students Initiative, Jackson’s compensation, and language offerings. Where will juniors and seniors who want to live on campus be able to live once all the sophomores must stay? What are the long- and short-term plans for offering languages? The Poly encourages participation, but know what you’re talking about before you ask a question, and remember to be respectful.

On a related note, why is it called a town meeting? At The Poly, we are glad that the meeting exists and certainly intend on attending, but it’s not in a town, about a town, or in any way a “town meeting.” See you there.