Help senate help you

With Columbus Day past, we are quickly moving toward winter in Troy. If you aren’t planning on hitting the slopes this winter, you might not be overjoyed to think about the snow and cold weather that will soon be arriving. But there is time left to enjoy the fall. Though the leaves where I live in Vermont are soon going to be past their peak, we have a bit more time here in the Capital Region. It’s a wonderful season to enjoy by going to an orchard to pick your own apples or just buying some cider doughnuts or an apple pie at Price Chopper. I suggest that you bring a little bit of autumn into your life, whatever way you choose.

I suspect that the past couple of weeks may have been hectic for some of you. I know that for several classes, the first round of exams has just ended. Of course, sometimes it seems that there is no break at RPI. While we are here for the intense studies offered, remember to keep everything in perspective and in balance. As I’ve said before, the Union offers the resources to enjoy the breaks you do get.

One hot topic of late has been H1N1, the so-called swine flu. We have been getting word that the so far mild effect of the virus on campus is because of the conscientiousness of students. This in turn is a function of the advice we’ve been given, the news we’ve heard, and the increased sanitization options across campus. Students and teachers are being relatively careful not to go to class sick and to isolate themselves as not to contaminate others.

I applaud the results so far, but it leads to the question: why don’t we always act with the same caution? Being sick is never good. It isn’t physically pleasant, and it leads to stress from schoolwork and commitments across the board. This fall is not the time to get sick, but then again, what time is? H1N1 may be bad, but is any illness good? The answer is that being healthy is best. Why don’t we pick up the habits necessary to remain healthy all the time (or at least more often)?

Some important aspects to staying healthy are difficult in a college environment, such as getting enough sleep, keeping the stress down, and avoiding sick people. However, as I mentioned last week, it is important to make commitments and set priorities. I would encourage everyone to make being healthy one of your top priorities. Make the effort to get sleep, manage stress, avoid sick people, and isolate yourself if you do get sick (for the sake of everybody else).

The next couple months are a great time to enjoy the outside before winter really kicks in, and it will be much easier to enjoy them if you are healthy. The headless horseman is from this area, so the region is celebrating its heritage with the approach of Halloween. Remember the old adage: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Head out to the orchard, have some fun, and do your best to keep in good health.