IFC discusses new business, bylaws

The Interfraternity Council held a meeting last Wednesday, September 30. The meeting was abbreviated due to an absence of three members of the executive board. Information was provided about the open house, executive board nominations, and constitution and bylaw changes.

President Jesse Barr ’10 announced that Greek Chowder Fest would be on Friday, October 2 from 6–8:30 pm. Executive Vice President Mike Lind ’10 also announced that nominations would be opening up for IFC exectutive board positions, and there would be changes to IFC constitution bylaws.

Vice President of Recruitment Demetri Karanikos ’11 congratulated the delegates and various houses on a successful end to fall rush. Additionally, it was mentioned that there would be fines for fraternities that handed out bids too early.

Vice President of Public Relations Josh Seldin ’11 reminded delegates that the IFC would appreciate volunteers for the Open House on October 17. Seldin also reminded houses that more names for a list of volunteers would be helpful as events arose that could use greek assistance. Finally, he once again mentioned that more help for the public relations would be appreciated as well.

Treasurer Charlie Scheide ’11 announced that there are debit cards and online banking was available for the new HSBC account. Secretary Greg Burt ’10 requested updated information on presidents and delegates.

Vice President of Social Ryan Koehler ’11, Vice President of Philanthropy Ken Hutchison ’11, and Vice President of Risk Management Drew Fineberg ’11 were absent. Hutchison had added several community service opportunities to the agenda, such as the Tiger Cub Scouts in Saratoga on November 11. Finally, Barr announced that Fineberg was still in the process of planning seminars on the risk management handbook.

The delegates were asked to vote on the two proposed bylaw changes from the last meeting; the changes were approved.