Don’t pass up Pizza with the Cabinet

If you weren’t at the grand opening of the East Campus Athletic Village, all I can say is wow; a lot of other people said it too. The opening of this facility has a lot of Rensselaer students excited, and for good reason. The football stadium, basketball arena, conditioning center, café, and conference areas mean that the current 70 percent of students who are athletes will undoubtedly have a place to grow, and that there is a destination at ECAV for the rest of us. This addition to the RPI campus will be accessible to all students for use, and the hours of operation will be extended, with staff hiring provided by the President’s Office. The next football game is during Family Weekend, but don’t let that keep you from going to ECAV beforehand; there’s plenty more to experience.

If you’re looking for something to do a little closer to central campus today, stop by Pizza with the Cabinet at 6 pm on the second floor of Russell Sage Dining Hall. This event, sponsored by the Student Senate and the President’s Office, allows an opportunity for the student body to ask some questions, voice its concerns, or just pick up a slice or two; it’s well worth the visit. You’ll find school deans, vice presidents, and key members of the Institute that really have a way of making change; all they need is the direction from you.

Pizza with the Cabinet is just another aspect of the communication goal of this year’s Student Senate. We’re here to listen and answer whatever questions you may have; no question is too small or trivial. We want to help. The goal to improve communication is why we created the “Just Ask” campaign; e-mail us anything at and we’ll answer you back or find the right person to help. We’ve had lots of students already use this program to ask questions and we’re still waiting to hear from you. Members of the Senate are out looking for your input; you might see them throughout the Union in their red polos, making sure your voice is heard. How about giving them a word or two? You can always let me know what you think: e-mail or stop by the office in the Student Government Suite in the Rensselaer Union.

With Freshman Elections over and the Senate with full membership, we’re full steam ahead with projects and programs. I’m proud of the group that represents the student body in the Student Senate, impressed with the progress they’ve made thus far, and optimistic that we can keep getting a lot accomplished through April.

This past weekend, we experienced Reunion & Homecoming 2009, and I had the opportunity to meet many alumni—including some former GMs and PUs (they all like the red top hat). They talked a lot about how, even though the campus has grown or changed, they still saw themselves in many of the students: smart, resourceful, and with lots of school spirit (and maybe a little sleep deprivation). And what hasn’t changed is what being an RPI student is all about: it’s about focus and commitment, and about fulfilling one’s dreams and making the world a better place. I hope everyone got some great memories this past weekend, as I certainly did.