Activities Fair: Be there or have a boring semester

Welcome to RPI, Class of 2013! As you’re settling in to your dorms and attending your first week of classes, don’t forget to consider your options for extracurricular activities, where you can make friends and balance out your schoolwork with fun.

As you’ve likely heard by now from countless Student Orientation advisors and Resident Life staff, RPI is home to over 175 student organizations, including performing arts groups, multicultural and political clubs, media organizations, club sports, professional societies, and a multitude of other offerings. Tomorrow, from 6–9 pm, all these clubs will have the opportunity to show off their activities and interests in the Houston Field House during the Student Activities Fair. The Poly’s Editorial Board encourages freshmen to take advantage of this event, as it is the only time of year when most of RPI’s student organizations will be so easily accessible. Though you can join a club at any point, the booths at the activities fair make perusing organizations easy, allowing you to talk to members of the club, sign up for mailing lists, gather fliers, and view fun demonstrations (like sandwiches grilled on UPAC lights).

In addition, we encourage upperclassmen to attend the event. Perhaps there’s an organization you’ve been considering joining—the activities fair is a convenient time to find out more and sign up. Or maybe you just want to try something new—Thursday is also a good time to explore your options. Even if you’re not in one of those categories, it’s worth attending the fair. New clubs are popping up all the time, in addition to the ones you might be interested in but didn’t know existed, so browsing the selection could bring a pleasant surprise. We also urge members of the clubs to show up and support their organization; having more people behind a booth can really make a difference in attracting potential members.