Bylaws, mentoring focus for UC’s spring

Welcome back for the start of another great semester! I hope y’all had a good break and are anxious for the rest of the great winter that is in store for us here in Troy. For all of you who ski, I predict that this is going to be paradise! I hope you all made some sound New Year’s resolutions and will keep them, as I hope I stick to mine this semester.

This semester has a few new and old items in store for us on the Undergraduate Council. Our New Year’s resolutions include working to finish up some of the issues from last semester such as our bylaws and our mentoring program for the class councils. We are going to be tackling a few issues with the undergraduate curriculum as well as some social issues. The old ones will be finished soon, so we can move on to the issues that I know you all are really concerned about.

I will keep it short this week, so I don’t keep all of you that have to work off all the holiday food out of the Mueller Center. I am sure I will see you there if you are in the same boat as I. Again for those of you who would like to get involved in the Undergraduate Council or have any questions or concerns, please email me at schmide@rpi.edu.

Also, if you would like to attend our next meeting, it will be next Wednesday at 9:45 pm in the Student Government Suite. I hope to see you there, as well as at the Mueller Center. Good luck this semester in your academic endeavors!