Executive Board

Flying Pigs Society becomes Union-recognized

The Flying Pigs Society, represented by graduate student Frank Peters, came to the Executive Board seeking Union recognition. Peters explained that the club sought to “impart and inspire” its members by holding workshops from professional figures, such as a workshop from a Business Acquisitions Officer at Johnson and Johnson. The club wanted to be Union recognized in order to feel open to any student as well as to compensate people’s travel fees in order to present seminars. So far, presenters have given talks out of good will.

Some E-Board members argued that aligning with one of Renssealer's schools would be a better choice. Vice President for Rules and Special Projects, Abigail Golden ’24, said a school department could give a better network than the Union, as well as a larger budget. Peters acknowledged this idea, saying the members thought about it but didn’t want the club tied down to any particular department. Furthermore, obtaining funding would allow the club to provide reimbursements for travel fees to those outside such networks.

The motion for the Flying Pigs Society passed 13-0-0.

This Executive Board meeting was held on September 22. The Executive Board meets every Thursday at 7 pm in the Shelnutt Gallery.