Student Senate

Executive Board and Student Senate officers approved

The Student Senate approved appointments for the Executive Board and Senate. Graduate student Zachary Barringer was the first graduate student to be appointed Student Life Committee chairperson. Barringer addressed concerns regarding a graduate student’s ability to connect with undergraduate students by saying that he wants to focus on “recruitment and retention,” and how he plans to connect to resident assistants for help. He was approved unanimously.

Other Senate appointments included Talulah Patch ’24 as Facilities and Services Committee chairperson and Ben Viner ’23 as Academic Affairs Committee chairperson. Furthermore, Josh Youngbar ’25 was appointed as Parliamentarian, a non-voting member that tells people when to speak.

The Student Senate approved the appointments for the Executive Board as well. Club and Organization Representative appointments for Amanda Santos ’24, Natalia Lagos ’24, Catherine Philipps ’24, graduate student Syed Nabeel Amjad, and Jake Herman ’23 were passed unanimously. Spring Fang ’24 was also appointed as Club and Organization Representative with a vote of 13-0-2. Kriti Sharma ’25, an architecture major, was appointed as Class of 2024 Representative. Anita Prabhakar ’25 and graduate student Pranjal Jain were appointed to be Class Representatives for their respective cohorts. Furthermore, Heather Almeida ’23 was appointed as both Class of 2023 Representative and UAR Committee chairperson. Her vote as representative passed 14-0-0 while her vote as UAR Committee chairperson passed 13-0-1. Former Elections Commission chairperson Nicholas Longchamp ’24 and Winnie Ouyang ’24 were unanimously confirmed as Member-at-Large Representatives, and Mauricio Ibarra-Towle ’23 was confirmed for the role as well with a vote of 14-0-1.

The Student Senate meets at the Shelnutt Gallery every Tuesday at 8 pm.