Interested in freshman elections?

By Advaith Narayan and Evan Lazaro October 10, 2020

Last Tuesday, the 51st Student Senate approved the Freshman Elections Handbook, marking the start of freshman student government elections campaigns! Since last Wednesday, first-year students have been able to start attending information sessions to learn about campaign rules and declare candidacy. Attending an information session is required in order to run for a position. These information sessions will be held over Webex every day of the week from 5 to 6 pm EDT, except Thursday, when they will be from 3 to 4 pm EDT. Sessions will be held until October 13th. You can join using this link: rensselaer.webex.com/meet/adamsk3. The elections will be held virtually from October 16 to October 18. 

The positions up for election are as follows: class representative (eight seats), class senator (four seats), class vice president, and class president. We’ll break these positions down to give more information about their responsibilities and time commitments.

Class Representative

The class councils are responsible for planning activities and fundraisers, selecting a commencement speaker and class gift, planning Senior Week events, and representing their respective class to the rest of the student government. Eight class representatives are elected for each class year, though more students may apply for Membership-at-Large positions in their class council. This position has a time commitment of about an hour per week.

Class Senator

Class senators belong to the Student Senate, which is the chief legislative and representative body of the Union presided over by the Grand Marshal. Class Senators must serve on at least two committees or chair one committee of the Senate. Their primary responsibility is to represent their class to the Student Senate as they work to improve the RPI student experience. The class council and Senate obligations entail a time commitment of  four to five hours per week.

Class Vice President

The class vice president will assume the duties of the president in their absence, and assists the president with their duties. The class vice president is also a voting member of both the class council and the Undergraduate Council. Time commitments typically range from four to six hours per week due to responsibilities as part of the corresponding class council, UC, and committees.

Class President

The Class President presides over their class council. They are responsible for protecting and upholding the bylaws established for their class council, organizing class activities, and organizing class council meetings. The class president also creates a year-end report to assist the following class council. They are also a voting member of the UC. These responsibilities create a time commitment of four to six hours per week as part of the corresponding class council, UC, and committees.

Even if you do not plan to run for a position, there are many ways to get involved in Student Government, whether it be as a member-at-large for your class council, or as a member of one of the Executive Board or Senate committees. More information about these committees can be found at https://sg.rpi.edu/about?body=1#subbodies

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at gm@rpi.edu and up@rpi.edu!