Undergraduate President: Joey Lyons

By The Polytechnic Editorial Board April 2, 2018

The Polytechnic endorses Joey Lyons ’20 for Undergraduate President. The Undergraduate President presides over the Undergraduate Council, and it is her responsibility to nominate officers, assume the duties of unfilled officer positions, uphold bylaws, and preside over meetings.

Having served on the Undergraduate Council as the Class of 2020 President, Lyons has a thorough understanding of what it needs, and a vision for how to make those needs a reality.

In the past, the Undergraduate Council has passed down knowledge through oral communication. If elected, Lyons plans to better document council operations by creating a database of past class council events and a written four-year plan. The Undergraduate Council serves the Rensselaer community largely through its programming; according to Lyons, the events organized by class councils aim to be relaxing, memorable highlights of the semester. Proper documentation would, at the very least, enable the UC to better contribute to the student experience at Rensselaer.

The Poly views these changes as long overdue, and is confident that Lyons would actively work to implement them as Undergraduate President.