Student Senate

Christopher D. Carothers appointed to Tenure and Promotion Committee representative

The Student Senate unanimously appointed Christopher D. Carothers to Tenure and Promotion Committee representative after they tabled the motion last week. The appointment was delayed as Carothers was not present during the meeting. This is Carothers’ fourth time serving as committee representative.

During the appointment, Community Relations Committee chairperson Talulah Patch ’24 asked Carothers about a moment or project he was proud of. Carothers responded that every case the committee considered was important. “We’re literally voting on someone’s career,” he expressed. Carothers further remarked that the Tenure and Promotion Committee was “the most important committee I’ve served on in my 25 years at RPI.”

Graduate Senator Alexander Lutsevich followed up by questioning why Carothers was motivated to accept the appointment. “It’s service to the community,” said Carothers, noting that his status as senior faculty makes it his duty.

Patch asked Carothers why he didn’t run for the position this year. Carothers said he was never asked to run, but would’ve felt “happy to be nominated” if someone did.

Near the end of the meeting, Carothers urged students to take their course evaluations seriously. “We take quotes from [the evaluations],” he said, adding that any evaluation could determine whether a faculty member gets tenure or a promotion.

This meeting was held on September 28. The Student Senate meets every Wednesday at 8 pm in the Student Government Suite.