Executive Board

Executive Board confirms nine members to Board

The Union Executive Board confirmed nine members to join the Board, including a new “Counselor to the President” position.

The Counselor to the President will advise on procedures and projects in the Executive Board. The Counselor to the President role is a special title created by President of the Union Colleen Corrigan ’21.

Club Representative Jake Herman ’23 questioned why Counselor to the President is an official E-Board position rather than an outside counsel position. Corrigan responded that Zapken’s graduation in December made it difficult to grant him one of the current positions, as she wanted the Board to engage with more undergraduate students. However, due to Zapken’s “passion for the Executive Board,” Corrigan still wanted Zapken to feel like a member of the Union. She further added that the Counselor to the President position will be dissolved once Zapken graduates.

Herman then asked why the role will disappear when Zapken leaves the Institute. “I’m doing this because I value [Zapken] as a Board member,” responded Corrigan, “not because I think the position is extremely necessary.” She added that the position's lifespan could be discussed in December if the need for the role became evident.

Abigail Golden ’24 asked Zapken why he loved the Board so much. “Every member, every club—I love the entire premise,” he replied, “I wanted to give back to all the clubs that really helped me [in freshman year].”

The Union Executive Board confirmed the following members: Minh Nguyen ’22 for Vice President for Board Operations, Oleksiy Golub ’23 for Vice President for Club Relations, Abigail Golden ’24 for Vice President for Rules and Special Projects, Matthew Zapken ’21 for Counselor to the President, Dalton Chick-Penland ’24 for Secretary, Brian Anderson ’22 for Business Operations Committee Chair, Natalia Lago ’24 for Club Operations Committee Chair, Sneha Ranjit ’23 for Union Programs and Activities Committee Chair, and Heather Almeida ’23 for Union Annual Report Chair.

This Executive Board meeting happened on April 21. The Executive Board meets at the Shelnutt Gallery every Thursday at 8 pm.