Freshman Elections

Freshman elections held across campus

The Class of 2023 chose their representatives through a two-day election on October 9 and October 11. This year, 252 freshmen voted—an increase from last year’s 138 people.

Chris Boyd won the presidency over Parker McCormick by a vote of 96 to 87. Gunnar Thuss and Sean Lisk also ran for the presidency but were eliminated in the primary election. Scott Schawrtz won the vice presidency over Faizah Rabbye by a vote of 125 to 68. Shrivarsha Jayaprakash also ran for vice presidency but was eliminated in the primary election.

All four of the Senator positions were filled. The two official candidates Nampoina Randrianarivelo and Nicole Gramenides received 125 votes and 105 votes respectively. The other two positions were filled by write-in candidates. Sean Lisk was written in with five votes and Shrivarsha Jayaprakash was wrote in with four votes.

Seven out of the eight representative positions were filled and all candidates were elected uncontested. Three official candidates—Sydney Doughlin, Jason Lin, and Jeffrey Decicco—won with 115 votes, 106 votes and 79 votes respectively. Michél McFadden, Kai Takayama, Alexander Patterson and Amanda Rigby were all write-in candidates, each with two votes. The last representative position will be filled by the class of 2023 council.

During the campaign period, the Election Commission made three decisions. McCormick was issued a sanction instructing him to delete his Instagram page that he was using for campaigning, because it was active on September 13, which was before the official start of campaigning on September 16. Lisk was instructed to remove and revise his poster since it had a font size smaller than 12 points and that the full name could not be found on the poster. Lastly, it was decided to extend the due dates of all forms to October 7 from the original due date of October 4 since all candidates still had to submit forms. All decisions were passed unanimously.