The Walking Dead seizes crown as zombie genre forerunner

AMD’s critically acclaimed show, The Walking Dead, sets the standard for zombie-themed television shows and movies. To begin, it is important to understand the origins of the show- it is a television adaption of a major comic book that was published with the same name.

The Walking Dead was first published in 2003 as a black and white zombie-themed comic book series authored by Robert Kirkman, who also writes for the television show, and illustrated by indie artist Tony Moore. The original series was published in volumes, somewhat mirroring what would later be the episodes in the television show, and outlined the general plot, locations, and characters, as well as some content that would later be included in the television adaption.

So, what’s all the hype about? It lies in the fact that there is no other television show, not even Marvels, which has been so well-adapted from text to screen; This is because Kirkman took a different approach to the show. Knowing that the fan base would originally be comprised of comic book fans, he included creative twists to the plot, added new characters, and rewrote entire sections of the comics in order to incorporate them as a screen adaption. As such, this does nothing but contribute to the comic’s original feel which was captured by the gore, terror, and unique personality of a zombie apocalypse gone wrong in a world where zombies didn’t even exist in the fictional sense before the outbreak.

The comic book aside, as a standalone television show, The Walking Dead uniquely characterizes the zombie apocalypse in that the psychological attributes of characters play into the show’s overall-theme and the focus is not on the dead, but on the living and how they cope with the situation. This leads to the interest encounters Rick (the protagonist) and his group as they seek to find a safe place that is not only haunted by the dead, but by bandits, cannibals, and maniacs gone wild. The Walking Dead has the best balance of encounters between the living and the dead that i’ve seen in a television show.

In addition to plot, The Walking Dead also poses deep philosophical questions through the interactions between characters, such as what is the true meaning of love, what does it mean to really be someone’s parent, how do tragic events fit into religious contexts, and is betraying others to save yourself in extreme situations ethical. These elements, as well as many others present in this groundbreaking television show will leave you watching for hours. I recommend that all people that love zombie television shows and movies watch The Walking Dead for an action-packed experience filled with drama and some of the best graphics animations on television!