GM Week 2022

Ballots finalized for Wednesday Election

The Elections Commission has finalized which candidates will appear on the ballot for tomorrow's election. Voting in GM Week elections is open tomorrow from 8am to 5pm. All students, including those graduating in May, are eligible to vote. Graduating students can vote both for alumni positions and the three Union wide offices—GM, PU, and UP. Students can vote with either their cohort or by their credit standing.

Grand Marshal

  • Nicole Gramenides
  • Cait Bennett

President of the Union

  • Colleen Corrigan

Undergraduate President

  • Ria Massoni-Nesman

Class of 2023 President

  • No Candidates

Class of 2023 Vice President

  • No Candidates

Class of 2023 Senator (4 positions)

  • Olin Ryan

Class of 2023 Representative (8 positions)

  • No Candidates

Class of 2024 President

  • Lindasy Brown
  • Ram Munoz-Valverde

Class of 2024 Vice President

  • Mike Anderson
  • Kamilia Nicolas

Class of 2024 Senator (4 positions)

  • No Candidates

Class of 2024 Representative (8 positions)

  • Harper Chisari
  • Disha Beri

Class of 2025 President

  • Mike Slass

Class of 2024 Vice President

  • Faren Thompson

Class of 2025 Senator (4 positions)

  • Philip Paterson

Class of 2025 Representative (8 positions)

  • Aditya Goyal
  • Aaryan Bhatt
  • Jayden Smith
  • Esha Gupta

Graduate Senator (6 positions)

  • Alexander Lutsevich

Graduate Representative (6 positions)

  • Kristoff McIntosh

IFC Senator

  • Shankar Velundandi

Panhel Senator

  • Hannah Tischler

Independent Senator (2 positions)

  • No Candidates

Alumni President

  • No Candidates

Alumni Vice President

  • Cristina Maria Contreras

Alumni Secretary

  • No Candidates

Alumni Treasurer

  • No Candidates

Four candidates—Faizah Rabbye ‘23, Ash Paz ‘24, Talulah Patch ‘24, and Ben Viner ‘24—filed paperwork to run but will not appear on the ballot after failing to garner the required number of nominations. Despite not appearing on the ballot all four still have a decent chance at winning their desired positions through a write-in campaign. Patch and Viner were the only two running for Independent Senator, for which there are two open seats. Class of 2023 President, for which Rabbye filed to run, has no other candidates. Class of 2024 Representative has eight open seats, and only two candidates on the ballot. Paz need only to finish in the top six among write-ins to be awarded a seat on the council.

Four other candidates—Kamilia Nicolas ‘24, Harper Chisari ‘24, Aditya Goyal ‘25, and Olin Ryan ‘23—did not meet the nomination requirement but will still appear on the ballot after exceptions were made for extenuating circumstances. Nicolas, Chisari, and Goyal all turned in more than the necessary number of nominations but had some nullified for either poor handwriting or incorrect RINs on the nomination form. The nullifications brought them below the nomination threshold for their respective races. However, since they did collect the number of nominations asked for, the Elections Commission has decided to permit them to appear on the ballot. Ryan was only able to collect half the necessary nominations. The EC decided to consider this sufficient as half of the junior class is on arch away, according to EC Chair Nicholas Longchamp ‘24.