Freshman Elections

Nicolas wins Class of 2024 President

Kamilia Nicolas has been elected Class of 2024 President, and Ria Massoni has been elected to the role of Class of 2024 Vice President. Nicolas won 164 votes to opponent Liam Mackey’s 140 votes, while Massoni ran unopposed. According to 50th/51st Student Senate Elections Commission Chairperson Keenan Adams ’21, 349 out of 1464 freshmen voted. This is an increase from the 252 freshmen who voted last year.

All four of the Senator positions have been filled by Talulah Patch, Amanda Santos, Nicholas Longchamp, and Ketu Patel with 237, 200, 187, and 154 votes, respectively. All eight representative positions were also filled. Disha Beri received 243 votes, Ryan Chan received 236 votes, Ryan Brown got 232 votes, and Esha Pisipati got 230 votes. Benjamin Miner, Austin Michele, Conrad Davis, and Ryan Sage received 15, 8, 4, and 3 votes, respectively.

The Elections Commission has chosen to continue employing the Simply Voting online elections service provider to ensure an impartial and secure election. However, changes have been made to the freshman election process in response to the challenges that accompany online voting. Adams announced the elimination of the nomination during this election cycle during the freshman elections information session on October 13. According to an email to The Polytechnic, Adams wrote that “Nominations were terminated for the freshman elections, just as they were lessened in the Spring, mainly to be as safe as possible.”

The decision to remove nominations from the election process arose as a measure to protect the welfare of students and faculty alike. Adams affirmed to freshman election campaign rules information session attendees that the implementation of nominations in the Grand Marshal Week 2021 elections in the upcoming Spring semester depends upon the Institute’s status, as the foreseeable future is uncertain with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.