Downtown Troy

Troy’s thriving eateries celebrate Restaurant Week

Restaurant week is a celebration of the diverse, dandy, and dapper dining establishments of Troy, NY. It runs from September 9 to September 15, and special deals are offered just for the week. These are a selection of restaurants in Downtown Troy that members of The Polytechnic enjoy:



  • Superior Merchandise Company — “I love this place so much that I’m currently writing a whole article about it.”
  • Bespoki Bowl — “I really like raw fish, and you get a decent amount of food for your money.”

Slidin dirty.jpg


  • Slidin’ Dirty — “The sliders are really good.”
  • The Shop — “I’m gonna miss the mushroom aioli appetizer.”


  • Muddaddy Flats — “This restaurant was the beginning of my love for avocados.”


  • Manory’s — "This is the place for an authentic American breakfast at any time of the day."


  • Troy Kitchen — “The halal is really good.”



  • Shalimar — “Their food reminds me of home. Try the lamb biryani.”
  • Bard and Baker — “If you want to play fun board games as or after you eat, this is the place for you.”

Whistling kettle.jpg


  • Whistling Kettle — “They package their own tea, and it shows.”
  • Sunhee's Farm and Kitchen — “The best bulgogi in the Capital Region.”


Restaurants participating in Restaurant Week are offering several deals throughout the week.

$5 breakfast:

  • Copper Pot — Gourmet bagel with smoked salmon, capers, and cucumbers; Nutella and cannoli cream; or peanut butter and banana.
  • Illium Café — A ‘Messwich.’
  • Burrito Burrito — Vegan breakfast burrito, and a free coffee.

$5 lunch specials:

  • Caribbean with M&K Island Hut.
  • Tara Kitchen.

$10 specials:

  • Muddaddy Flats — 8” quesadilla, chips and fountain drink.
  • Quang’s Vietnamese Bistro — The classic bahn mi and chips.
  • Primer Burger and Shakehouse at River Street Market — A ‘prime’ beef burger with fries and a soda.
  • The Daily Grind — Pulled pork sandwich combo.
  • Spillin’ The Beans — Chicken parmesan paninis.

The Daily Grind.jpg

This is only a small selection of the deals offered and eateries participating in Troy Restaurant week. Check out their page for more info.