Album Review

Hozier marks his return with Nina Cried Power EP

By Weston Brousseau September 26, 2018

Hozier’s new EP, Nina Cried Power, is just as moody as his first album, but with newfound confidence, Hozier shows how he has grown since his debut. 

The artist has been in a musical drought since 2014, when his first album released. This musical drought seems to be over, as this four-song EP coincides with the singer’s North American tour. The album features a range of emotions with “Nina Cried Power,” a bold protest song, and “Shrike,” a soothing lullaby. One of the other strengths of Nina Cried Power is the powerful lyricism, a trait definitely inherited from Hozier’s previous work. 

The first song and the namesake of the EP “Nina Cried Power” is an incredible song that makes you want to get up and go on a hike or unironically think, “Why not change the world?” The drum-heavy beat has a sample of Nina Simone’s “Sinnerman,” which harmonizes with Hozier’s vocals incredibly. Personally, my favorite song on the EP is “Moment’s Silence.” The song features an engaging beat and original lyrics which make the song feel perfect to sing in the shower. The other two songs on the EP, “Shrike” and “NFWMB,” are both much slower than their aforementioned companions; however, the two songs bring a grounded feel to the album. While I did enjoy the soft, almost seductive lullaby of “NFWMB,” I definitely found myself drifting off to sleep while listening to the song. Meanwhile, “Shrike” is slower than most of the other songs on the album, and the laid-back positivity of the beat is accompanied by heartbreaking vocals that make the song a hidden gem in this release. 

Hozier’s strengths as a vocalist and musical accompaniment skills are shown in full force on this release. For fans of alternative and folk music, this album is a must-try.