Little Pecks offers quality coffee

DOWNTOWN TROY COFFEE SHOP OFFERS a diverse set of offerings and a friendly staff.

Little Pecks, touted as an all-day cafe from the culinary team behind Peck’s Arcade, really lives up to its reputation. It serves Tandem Coffee, as well as a collection of baked goods weekly, brunch on weekends, and sandwiches, salads, and snacks during the evenings.

The coffee is exactly what you’d expect from a roaster out of Portland, Maine, with bold flavors and tasty, yet sweet, espresso. I ordered a pourover during my most recent visit, and was treated to a friendly conversation with the barista as he made my small cup of coffee. Ordering a pourover gives the option of several different roasts from Tandem. I have not tried every roast they provide, however, the Burtukaana roast was quite good; I would highly recommend it if you are someone who doesn’t usually order coffee due to its bitter taste. The barista described many of the pour overs as “tea-like,” and I tend to agree with this analysis. I tasted fruity and sweet flavor notes, and sharp contrast from what many would consider a “normal” cup of coffee.

Little Pecks serves not just coffee, but also cocktails, tea, and many other things on its diverse menu. Although I have been several times—and ordered different things every time—I have yet to be disappointed by anything I’ve tried. The interior feels too nice to be a cafe. If you walk back into the hall behind the bar, there is seating which you could easily mistake for an extension of Peck’s Arcade.

Little Pecks is unique in its position as a less expensive Peck’s Arcade. You can get food made by the team behind an extremely high quality restaurant in Troy, for a lower price and fewer “nice restaurant” expectations. Although I have not had the food, I plan to go back and sample more solely based on the quality of the coffee and the friendly service.

Little Pecks is tucked away next to Peck’s Arcade, and features a cozy interior which lends itself nicely to dates or just sitting around and absorbing a nice atmosphere. I highly recommend giving it a visit to take a break from the fast-approaching finals week.